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March 12, 2019

How the winter has flown by. Yet, now I feel conflicted that winter isn't over yet. Still, I have my plans in place and now just waiting for seedlings to grow. Beds to be prepped.

I was recently chatting with some friends about how muddy I am about to get. We joked about getting stuck in the mud and loosing our boots. That is what is before me. Now that the ground is not frozen and the snow is now rain. To get a rake through a bed to direct sow seeds is like a mud par...

August 20, 2018

It is already August and I am looking at seed catalogs and starting to gear up for next year. Learned a lesson in communication with the guy who tills for me (yep- the hubs got carried away). Number my beds better. Had a 100 foot row of peonies tilled in just this past weekend. It was a challenging moment to say the least.

I now have a new plan to start working for when it comes to the future peonies. There will be more. I just love, love peonies!

All the year end stuf...

July 27, 2018

How quickly making posts got away from me. From February to July lots of things have grown and flowered. Indian Blanket looks awesome. Sunflowers are finally in full force and the bee's are loving it!

Roses are getting bigger. Lilacs, Hydrangeas, and Nine bark are getting established. Lavender, double holly hocks, bee balm and even carnations. Taking time to observe what things like this new soil and what doesn't. Noticing how the terrain effects the growth of various...

January 26, 2018

Our tiller is in the states now. It is hard to tell you just how eager I am for it to arrive. Sometime this next week (fingers crossed). 

I was just talking to someone the other day about just what it means to be a farmer in my mind...rows for planting, chickens, dog, cat, and family.

The winter has already given us some challenges with apparently three roosters in one coup. So, embarking on the of two. Random winter eggs and the plan of acquiring more...

January 6, 2018

 Six days into the New Year. It doesn't yet feel like a New year. I suppose it is because I have yet to be on the FARM for a whole year. The grey days of winter. The 10 mile hour prairie winds across the corn and soy fields. The dusty gravel road. 

Mr Gummy the Rooster got some frostbite on his comb on those negative degree days. Makes me feel sad. Wanting to better protect him and the others. For one: our dog has taken to chasing them and ripping feathers off. S...

December 17, 2017

Unlike most people I know; I am eagerly awaiting snow. There is beauty in how mother nature decorates the land scape. This being the first "winter" on the farm...well...I want to see how it gets decorated. :)

Morning walks around the property have reveled elderberry, wild cherry, mulberry and beautyberry. Taking notice of where the birds hang out and how we can situate a bench or chair in their midst. A little sanctuary...for all involved.

The pond water froze over a f...

December 9, 2017

December! How time is flying by.

We have been here now for FIVE whole months. Amazing.

I am recalling a post I made where I told my friends and family how I am still in awe that I am living my dream. Just being out here fits the bill. I drive slowly down the country roads to take in the big beautiful open sky and plains...and when I was "mowing" I was mowing super fast! lol

We are still waiting on the tiller we ordered. It is finished but waiting on more product before...

November 12, 2017

Things are moving forward. Not as quick as I had hoped but forward nonetheless. The tiller will arrive in time for Christmas. That's ok.

Mean while the weed wacker tiller attachment has gotten a workout on three of five 100 ft beds. Two of which now have fall flower seeds in them to over winter. It is all exciting and new. Peonies have a home in the third bed. 

It feels good to finally get plants out of the pots they moved here in. Things are slowly feeling more like h...

October 3, 2017

In July 2017, we moved from our less than half-acre property to a 19-acre parcel. The thoughts of embracing our dreams has become surreal. We talk about tractors and farm implements most every night, and I dream of already having it so that I can get my seeds into the ground. It is best to turn in the pasture/grass at least twice before it is prepped for seeds. For now, the first field to be utilized is a beautiful pasture.

October is fast approaching. Fingers crossed...