About Roxann

I loved working outside during high school in my hometown of Independence, Missouri. My next door neighbor had roses and peonies that I just adored. Our other neighbor rented our backyard for his garden, and we would help pick the tomatoes or do any other little project he asked us to help with. At one point, my family dabbled with bees, chickens, goats and rabbits. Even though I was young, I will always remember those fond memories spent outside.

I went to Graceland College (now University) in Lamoni, Iowa, and graduated with a B.S. in Health and Wellness Program Management. Finding balance in life has always been my passion. I had so much fun learning how to run programs and manage facilities.

After college, I joined the United States Air Force and was stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at Schriever AFB. There, I learned more about cooking/health as a cook. The MOS (or job description) meant that I rotated through lodging management, fitness and mortuary. I taught fitness classes and managed the facility with four other people. 


After my time in the Air Force, I wanted my dream: a family and a farm.

I randomly decided I wanted to learn about hiking/backpacking, so I created a meetup group and just DID it. I planned the events/hikes/camping. I learned by doing. I met my future husband while serving as the organizer of this group. Two years later, we married and started a family.

Since then, we have slowly been inching our way toward living in the country and having a farm business. Seven years later, we achieved the goal of moving out to the country.


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